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[Fixed] IrfanView Portable 4.60 Rev 2 Missing Help and GS Issue

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Serj Avede
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[Fixed] IrfanView Portable 4.60 Rev 2 Missing Help and GS Issue

I have a couple of suggestions for fixes for the "IrfanView Portable 4.60 Rev 2".
1. Non-English help files should be in the "Help" directory and not in the root directory (only the original English help file remains here). (The same is done in the developer's original language archives).
2. For the 64-bit version, the GhostScript library is incorrectly selected: gsdll32.dll is selected for any system, but it should be gsdll64.dll for 64-bit system.

For myself, I made the following simple fixes and everything works fine for both systems x86 and x64.
1. I moved non-English help files from ".\App\IrfanView64" directory to ".\App\IrfanView64\Help" directory.
2. I modified the file ".\App\AppInfo\Launcher\Custom.nsh" (and then compiled a new file "IrfanViewPortable.exe"):
After line 59 I added the line:
Rename "$EXEDIR\App\IrfanView64\Help" "$EXEDIR\App\IrfanView\Help"
After line 68 I added the line:
Rename "$EXEDIR\App\IrfanView\Help" "$EXEDIR\App\IrfanView64\Help"
After line 128 I added the following:
${If} $Bits = 64
StrCpy $1 "$GSDirectory\bin\gsdll64.dll"

So, it would be great to see these changes in the next release of "IrfanView Portable".

John T. Haller
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These issues are fixed in IrfanView Portable 4.60 Rev 3. Thanks for letting me know.

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