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VLC Portable 0.8.6b - It is now b

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VLC Portable 0.8.6b - It is now b

VLC Media Player 0.8.6b is out. Is here a master programmer boy convert it to "Portable"?

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John is the "master programmer boy" and I'm sure he is working on an update.
So there is no need to start a new thread cause of an updated App and no double posts are needed, too.

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Does no one search?

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John, like in every forum, no no never...

you can write "search" in font-size 200, red-blue blinking and 2 big arrows signing on it... and 90% of users will ignore it...


@thread starter:
you don't need be a "programming boy" or somehow like this, you can simply use the updatebutton in vlc itself...
or load it as a .zip file, and extract it into the "apps" folder, overwrite all files, and it will work... in most cases

often, there are no such big changes in an app, that you need a new launcher.
above all, if it is only a jump from 0.8.6a to 0.8.6b

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Well, in the future, please

Well, in the future, please try not to be like "most users".

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Switch Alpha's guts with Beta's guts.

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