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Chrome not really portable?

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Chrome not really portable?

I've been installing extensions and noticed that the list isn't growing in the chrome portable\Data\profile\Default\Extensions folder. Instead there is a Local\Google as usual. It seems there's an issue that sometimes it launches itself as a nonportable? idk I've noticed that sometimes my profile is cleared or just the extensions are gone, maybe it's because of the default browser thing.. idk how to set it as default browser in windows 11, there is no button for chrome portable.

I want it to be like firefox portable, with which I can reinstall windows and continue using it with all the settings, extensions, their settings, etc like nothing changed. Is there a way to make it properly portable?

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Pinned or Set As Default

If you set it as default within the browser or pinned it to the taskbar by right-clicking on the taskbar, you're launching it in local mode, so the profile will end up in APPDATA and LOCALAPPDATA. Chrome Portable can't be pinned to the taskbar properly due to the way it handles its AppID for Windows. For other apps, you can right-click in the PA.c Platform to properly pin apps with launchers like Chrome. To set it as your system default, you need to use a third party tool.

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