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HDD cleaner / permanent file eraser

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HDD cleaner / permanent file eraser

I'm also looking for a portable app that would allow me to overwrite unused sectors of my HDD at work, and/or erase files completely by overwriting the space they occupy in the HDD several times (preferrably customizable, i.e. once, 3x, 5x, or more) using random chars.

I'm, essentially, looking for a portable version of Eraser ( ... one that doesn't muck with the registry. I don't need the scheduler feature.

Antonimo (not verified)
Blowfish Advanced CS

I think this might do it for you

I have been using it for a ong time.

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I know it sounds weird ... restoring when you were searching for a eraser but take a look at Both the delete and restorate functions work fine for me

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Simple File Shredder

Try Simple File Shredder v2.5. ( According to the Portable Freeware Collection site(, only versions 2.5 and older do not write to the registry. Try Google to find the older version.

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Re: HDD cleaner / permanent file eraser

Thanks for all the suggestions. I find that for permanently deleting files, Ultrashredder works quite well. It's a single executable file. For overwriting unused disk space with random bytes, both Eraser and Blowfish can do the job. Both come with an installer, but they're portable once installed.

Ultrashredder could be found at .

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You are right Eraser is portable once installed. But it would be nice to have it the portbaleapps way. Not everybody is trying apps to see if they are portable or not. Having it on would be much easier for a lot of people. And it shouldn't be a problem as it's released under GNU license.


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Working on it

I've got a working version of it using the standard setups. I can probably have a pre-release up this week.

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I find sDelete from sysinternals to be a good choice, though it is command line only. Single executable, no mess and DoD compliant. can't get more portable than that.

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Free space wiper

Try SecureTrayUtil v3.95.0 at

The App has a

-File shredder (Gutmann or pseudorandom passes)

-The ability to shred free space (including slack) on your HDD (Gutmann or pseudorandom passes).

-Can compute the MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, RIPEMD-128, RIPEMD-160, RIPEMD-256, RIPEMD-320, Tiger and GOST R 34.11-94 hash digests of any file

Plus much, much, more...

It is both FREE and OPEN SOURCE.


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