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Long overdue features

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Long overdue features

Sorry, but tough love time. Apparently I registered this account 4 years ago, but I've used PA for as long as its been around (admittedly not heavily). So, I have to ask...

Question 1: Resizable menu when?

Seriously, it was okay when laptops were rocking 1024x768 screens, but it now makes far more sense to use a secondary launcher over the actual PA Launcher. I still launch the PA Launcher every once in a while to get updates, but otherwise ignore all its features.

Question 2: Any plans to have theming that doesn't call back to RAZR phones and early WinAmp themes?

It feels like the aesthetics were okay through Vista, but then fell off a cliff. By sheer luck they've waited long enough for rounded corners to go out of fashion and back into fashion.

Like I said, I've used this program for probably 15 years, but it isn't keeping pace with the alternatives. PA used to be the go-to for good looks, ease of use, and large catalog size. Now that Windows has a built in package manager and there are bunch of launcher replacements due to the Win11 UI debacle, PA is falling behind on all fronts. I would love to see that trend reverse.