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[Fixed] GPG Plugin Update error

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[Fixed] GPG Plugin Update error

GPG Plugin update error happening whenever by use of the PA updater
i used multiple VPNs as well to face the same issue it is always some security signature error after download end smoothly and the install phase begins only right before that error msg appears every time at the end of update process

but, i then downloaded the installer directly from the page directly and however now it worked fine?

fix the update system then?

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Same problem, the platform

Same problem, the platform updater couldn't update the GPG Plugin, but i just downloaded it from the site, and it updated without any problems.
I was surprised to get an exe file instead of a paf file, so maybe the updater does not know how to handle exe files.

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I'd forgotten to update the SHA256 hash. It should be working now.

Side note: PAF files are EXE files. In this case, GPG_Plugin_Portable_2.2.36.paf.exe

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