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Latest version portable apps platform shuffles the icons/programs.

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Latest version portable apps platform shuffles the icons/programs.

I am finding the latest version of the portable apps program very disconcerting. The list of programs shuffles everytime I select one to open, sometimes so quickly that I inadvertently open the wrong program, and I have to search the list each time I use it because things are never where I expect them to be. It doesn't seem to follow any logic--like putting the currently used program on top. I have looked for a toggle setting to turn off this feature--if it is intentional--but not found anything.
Is there a way to fix this? And can you remove it the next time around? I really hate it.

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Organization Tab

Click Options and then select the Organization tab. You can select to organize your apps the way you wish. If you have one of the Smart selections active, it sorts by most used after Favorites.

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