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Program: HotkeyP

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

Description: Keyboard/mouse/WinLIRC/joystick shortcuts for exe files, documents, folders, www pages and commands: shutdown, hibernate, desktop resolution, volume, process priority, eject CD, wallpaper, always on top, hide active window, kill process, paste text...
- multimedia keyboards are supported
- 5 mouse buttons and mouse wheel are supported
- organize shortcuts to categories


This program is great, it's less complex than AutoHotkey, but much easier to use, it has many useful features, macros, not just for keyboard, but also for mouse, I'm using a standard 5-button mouse with the wheel tilt and I can use all these options with just mouse shortcuts:
- copy
- paste & go
- zoom
- play/pause
- seek backward / forward
- change volume
- mute
- backward / forward (alt+left/right)
- switch window (alt+tab, shift+alt+tab)
- reload / refresh
- switch tabs
- close tab

I'm using this program 15+ years.

It's "almost portable", no installation, just unpack and run, hotkeys are saved in the file, just the settings are saved in the registry, but they can be saved to file and also loaded from file easily.