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U3 Packages

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U3 Packages

I wanted to request that all programs have a u3 package download available. This is because the more recent USB flash drives have a U3 platform and you cannot not simply install the portable programs without formatting the flash drive.

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Only for OpenOffice, Thunderbird and Firefox, we have a U3 package.
But even their future support is uncertain and most likely dropped.
So the best is to use the normal packages and Smithtechs Shortcut Creator to make a shortcut to your U3 menu.
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This site is an alternative to proprietary u3. I also don`t like to help them to advertise/spread their proprietary standard.

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you can install them

I have several u3 drives. I use portable apps for 95% of my programs, i keep the u3 around for 2 programs that are closed-source and absolute necessities for me.

You'll just have 2 launcher menus in the systray. If thats too distracting for you,, use the shortcut creator as suggested.

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Where are you buying your drives?

Most of the flash drives I see do not feature U3, and the ones that do are clearly marked.
Just buy one without it.

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Yo, FaZ:

You're free to make that request, but it'll likely not be acted on.

This is because U3 sucks (in part due to its proprietary nature), and more and more ppl - knowledgeable ones, anyway, like the lot of us here at - are beginning to realize it.

The fact that you need to format a U3 drive to install other portable stuff is the one U3 feature that they actually got right.

(IOW, go ahead and format your U3 drive, so you can begin to enjoy REAL portable app'ing!...)

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U3 Tests

I've played with U3 a bit and have found that most of the application are contained in the *.u3p files, they are merely archives completely compatible with programs like Winrar. The only thing that makes them U3 unique is that the application/menu can decompress/read the archive (I haven't actually checked to see if theres any compression to it.) I have, however, extracted the files and run the applications successfully. The ONLY thing I found so far out of the small selection of applications I tried, was that the U3 version of Winrar can execute the shell extension like that. If there was a way to manually add applications to the PortableApps menu (something where you could just select the EXE of the program to add a shortcut) then I'm sure that theres a few useful U3 only apps that could possibly work.

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