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[Fixed] Firefox 105.0.1 (Dutch) upgrade goes wrong

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[Fixed] Firefox 105.0.1 (Dutch) upgrade goes wrong

I'm a long time user of firefox portable and current version is 105.0 in dutch language!.

I have downloaded the new Dutch version 105.0.1 from the sourceforce pages but i think there is something wrong in this file.
Size is only 16.957.440 bytes.
And after executing i have small blue windows 10 security warning screen.
When close this screen i get another small popup that says "installer integrity check failed" ? ?.
Seems some kind of "nsis error"?.

There is no way i can proceed in the upgrade.
I checked in my archive files, and dutch firefox portable version 105.0 is 121.943.432 bytes on my disk.

F.Y.I. I run Dutch windows 10 Home - 21H2 with all latest updates in place.
I upgrade firefox and some other portable software as stand-alone software.

Any clues whats going on?.



John T. Haller
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It looks like the uploads of Danish, Czech, and Dutch to SourceForge got borked. I've reuploaded them and they should be mirrored to all download servers by now.

The security warning was accurate since the files are digitally signed and had been altered by being incomplete.

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all seems to be okay now.

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