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KeePassPro - autostart and portability issue

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KeePassPro - autostart and portability issue

I have just noticed that enabling autostarting feature in KeePassProPortable settings (Tools -> Options -> Integration -> Run KeePass at Windows startup (current user)) may actually ruin portability of the app. It is because the EXE file that is launched at startup is: "KeePassProPortable\App\KeePassPro\KeePass.exe" instead of "KeePassProPortable\KeePassProPortable.exe". I believe many users might not be aware of it and have it enabled thus causing numerous portability issues. Is there any way to make the feature work with the portable version?

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Always Works This Way

It always works that way. You need to manually set the KeePassProPortable.exe launcher to auto-start. Or have the platform auto-start and then set KeePass Pro Portable to auto-start within there/.

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