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Can You Run Two Instances of Portable Apps?

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Can You Run Two Instances of Portable Apps?

(I asked this once before a long time ago but never got an answer. I think I posted it in the wrong forum :-()

Anyway, my question: Can one run more than one instance of the PortableApps menu?

I am a long term user of Portable Apps. It solved lots of problems for me.
Over years I have used it more and more.

The menu is nice but I'm finding it now a bit overloaded with apps.
I want to split it into two separate independent systems.
One for normal apps. One for zillions of small utilities.

So, to be really clear: Can I reliably run two instances of the PA platform simultaneously?

Best wishes, Bea Bonobo

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Try Quick Cliq

This might not be what you are wanting but try out Quick Cliq. I've used it myself for years and love it. You won't get automated updates for your portable apps with it but despite that it has some great functionality that you won't get with PortableApps Platform. To see the kind of functionality you can use read the Documentation Pages of the Quick Cliq website.

Use Portable Apps on both Flash Drive and HDD/SSD.

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