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a few apps

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a few apps

Before I start I want to say im not sure how hard it is to make these portable apps so I dont want to appear smug by asking this. To start Clam Win is a good AV but its allways nice to have multiple AV/Spyware scanners to use when your cleaning off an infected system. Im not sure whatopen source spyware removers are good but im sure the devs here at portable apps would be open to some suggestions from others. Also it would be nice to have a cd burning suite. Also Im sure there are people out there that could use a portable windows registry cleaner such as Easy cleaner ( ).

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Welcome to the wold of

Welcome to the wold of PortableApps KingWeaver. As has been mentioned, please read the Request Apps Guidelines. As for OpenSource, that means it has an OSI Approved License. Also, please be specific when requesting apps, as we cannot just find an app for you and then make it for you.

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