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hi, i want to have a 1 bootable USB stick to run portableapps (exe directly) but also that i can choose to work with .iso file.
Is there a way to have this?
Or if not available, is there a way to make 2 partitions on a USB stick that both are bootable? When I set Rufus on partition1 and want Ventoy on partition 2, ventoy will delete all content/MBR on the complete USB stick and not only on 1 partition. Backwards is the same issue because Rufus also deletes it all.

I want to have:
a partition with ventoy so I have UBCD but also windows iso files
a second partition so I can run portableapps or .exe directly


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The suite requires a Windows

The suite requires a Windows type operating system as host to run from, thus you would need what is called a "live version" of a windows distribution (preferably at least W7) on that stick. I don't think such a thing exists, but maybe you find something if you search the net.
You could install an entire windows distribution on a USB stick and put PortableApps along there. However it is not advisable to do so, as the Windows OS does a bunch of write/read operations during normal use, that common USB interfaces bandwidth can't handle properly (proper USB3 might be able). There is also the constant wear to memory from the frequent caches and the like, so the stick will likely have a reduced lifetime.
UBCD uses an operating system that is not capable of hosting windows programs like the PApps suite.

UBCD, Ventroy and Rufus create their own boot loader and use a particular form of operating system. Explaining this, exceeds the scope of this post by a large margin. In order for you to understand how to achieve you goal, you need to familiarize yourself with "operating systems" (plural), "boot loaders", "boot process" and "program architecture".

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