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[Closed] Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2022 requires license

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[Closed] Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2022 requires license

Emsisoft Emergency Kit turns into Emsisoft Remediation Kit and can not be updated without a license, so it is NOT freeware.

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Emsisoft Remediation Kit

As soon as I open the latest version I get a popup:

Change License

Please select your preferred license model:

Enter a license for commercial use
Unlock the full version with an existing license key.

Buy a new license key
Commercial license for helpdesks and repair techs.

You can bypass the popup, but then it comes up again when you attempt to start a scan or update.

John T. Haller
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Confirmed, Reverted

I confirm the issue and am investigating for eventual release. I have reverted the app. If you upgraded, you can delete your copy and install the old one again.

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