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MuseScore Portable 4.0.0 Dev Test 1 (Released)

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MuseScore Portable 4.0.0 Dev Test 1 (Released)

MuseScore Portable 4.x has been released

Application: MuseScore
Category: Music and Video
Description: music composition & notation

[App has been released] [91MB download / 271MB installed]
SHA256: b24ab056a78fb6ec27e91359ae903cd69f674b5e388634b2ce4b8d48ef531319

Version 4 is a major update from version 3 with several changes. As a part of these changes, it only works on Windows 64-bit 10/11. All previous versions are dropped. Previous settings are incompatible. Additionally, the publisher is no longer creating a portable build, so our bundled portable launcher will be doing more of the heavy lifting as opposed to only portablizing paths. In the final release, I'll likely have the installer automatically create a MuseScorePortableLegacy alongside with the existing details.

Release Notes:
Development Test 1 (2022-12-24): Initial Release