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EPKL Portable Keyboard Layout?

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EPKL Portable Keyboard Layout?

There used to be a PKL app compatible with PortableApps, for defining and using your own keyboard layout setup. It also had some additional handy keyboard-related functionality like a so-called Extend layer for better navigation and editing.

Since 2014 I've built on its legacy and I'm still maintaining and developing the new EPKL app:

It's come a long way from its predecessor, adding lots of functionality and fixes. I'm quite proud of it.

I think it still adheres to the PortableApps format.

EPKL builds on the abandonware PKL source code, using compiled Autohotkey code. Releases contain the executable; should one wish to check out a commit, there is a compile.bat file that generates the executable.

Could my work of love make the PortableApps platform?