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cannot unzip file

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Anonymous (not verified)
cannot unzip file

This is probably a problem with the zip utility, but I use the WinZip (evaluation) and it gets about half way through and can't finish unzipping the file that I downloaded. Is there a better unzip utility or do I have to buy it?


John T. Haller
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Did the download complete?

Be sure the download completed. You can check this by checking the size of the file vs what the Portable page says. If it still happens, uninstall and reinstall the latest version of Winzip. I test against Winzip for each release to ensure that it works.

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sfetsis (not verified)
looks like it's working now

Almost done unzipping the file, just took a long time.

Thanks for the help!

Bruce Pascoe
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If you're unzipping directly to your USB drive and write caching is on for the drive (the default in all Windows versions except XP), this will happen--Windows will write to the cache until it's full, then have to write the entire cache to the drive at once. At this point, nothing can write to the drive again until the cache has been flushed.

sfetsis (not verified)
exactly what I was doing

Yep, I was unzipping to the USB directly, but it works now and it's pretty great. My work involves writing pretty large Microsoft Word documents, and I like to convert these to .pdfs, and there was this really large Word doc, ~339 pages, with screen shots, etc. that I have and I used Adobe Standard 6.0 to convert, well I tried to and it would choke all the time, never was able to do it.

Just did it with open office writer, took less than 1 minute. Awesome.

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