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CubicExplorer Needs Extra Steps to Find Manual - Is there an established way to fix this?

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CubicExplorer Needs Extra Steps to Find Manual - Is there an established way to fix this?

I was under deadline and WIndows Explorer was hanging, so I needed a replacement right away until I could look into it. From the portableapps application I couldn't see which app had support. Cubic Explorer was great until I needed the help file for a simple thing. I would have picked ANY file explorer that was supported with a single click.

This is a topic that applies to all PortableApps, if it just involved Cubic Explorer....I wouldn't consider there to be a problem.

Sometimes when I'm working, I really need to focus and blast through. When I have time, I offer to help, like right now.

If I add apps, in this case Cubic Explorer, I can't tell from the PortableApps interface that I'm going to have to spend time finding help outside of the help link in the app. In the case of Cubic Explorer, I have to go to PortableApps and find the link for the internet archive page. In this case, Internet Archive was timing out bringing up the archived copy of the manual, taking more time.

So my first thought was, I wonder if we can use resource hacker and point to the right url right in the app.

I checked the author of the app, and he still does have a page on messing with his app may or may not be fair game depending on the author's wishes.

If reasonable people think the app is just fine even if the author has abandoned the help site...I'm cool with that if I know.

Is there a procedure to contact the author to simply see if we can modify the help url?

When does an app become abandonware and not included in the default app list you get by using the application?

I'm saying I'd help insofar as I use portableapps and contacting someone is the least I can do.

There are times I need to know when an app has support before I use it for the first time. Those times might not be that often...but when it is important, it's very important.

I hope this came across as someone who appreciates that portableapps is an option for my executables. I was frankly surprised when the help link was dead...and that the accepted solution was Internet Archive. I learn stuff all the time, so that isn't a complaint.

The complaint was just knowing from the portable apps installer if an app is not supported.

Oh, why was it VERY important? Well, I have solid state m2 drive and the default windows Explorer is hanging on My Computer, creating restore points is taking a long time. I'm on a deadline so I don't have time to fix it....I needed an Explorer alternative so I could get back to work. Cubic was fine....but I would have chosen a supported app due to the circumstances. I had a small problem with Cubic I could easily look up....if the help file was available.

So, I don't know if has a diplomatic corps to check with original developers in cases like this.

The end.