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Constantly updated MSF files?

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Constantly updated MSF files?


Does anyone know if it is possible to have TBP2 stop unnecessarily updating the msf files for mail boxes I do not touch???

I run TB2 at home and I use Migo Software to sync my user data to a USB flash drive and then run TBP2 from it when I am at the office. Unfortunately TB and TBP both seem to regenerate ALL of the MSF files for all of the mail folders, even if I only touched one or two folders.

This is frustrating because I have over 600 folders (10 years of email) and the sync process see hundreds of files it has to deal with each time.

Does anyone know why TB does this? Can it be or is it worth looking into to have the portable version not do this when the contents of the actual mail file have not changed?



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This is a question best kept

This is a question best kept for the TB devs.

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