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Problem with migration from Enigmail (TB 68 to 78)

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Problem with migration from Enigmail (TB 68 to 78)

Hello, I am asking for help with Enigmail migration. I guess the legacy version 78 is required to port the keys from Enigmail to the new PGP format. But I can't find this version anywhere. If I take version 91 directly and try to import my private key, I get an error message even though the key is correct.

Surely there is a workaround for the problem, but my English is too bad to really understand the discussions here.
Can someone please give me a hint where I can find the correct information or versions?
Or do I have to use the "Platform Updater"? (Never used it so far).

Thanks a lot!!

John T. Haller
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It's archived in our SourceForge project here:

I would suggest backing up at each step. It's unlikely you can get much help for doing 2-3 year old email client upgrades.

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new key

I did not manage to import any keys, regardless how old into the new pgp system included in the TB. Only new created keys did work for me so far.

Otto Sykora
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