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Password Cracker 4.70

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Password Cracker 4.70

The password recovery tool Password Cracker 4.70 released
What`s new in the version:
added: menu command "Start Password Cracker x64";
added: uses simple crack password method for Win 64x;
added: memory mapped files inter-process communication;
added: RichEditXXX supports;
added: supports multiline passwords (e.g. "Line 1 of password\nLine 2 of password" and etc);
added: tooltip for field "View" shown info about restored password (window caption, path to exe-file and etc);
added: extended tooltip for the field "Password" with info about restored password;
added: _Install2 function in the engine DLL;
added: CueBanner for field "Restored Password";
improved: encoding text data on the fly;

Downloads here: