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Installation to PortableApps\PortableApps detection and clarification

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Installation to PortableApps\PortableApps detection and clarification

Just a heads up,

If I go to manually upgrade a PortableApps install, and have to select where to install (usually because of two PortableApps installations being present eg in my system I have Medicat emergency boot USB installed as a tertiary OS and it includes PortableApps), it shows the location of the installation root directory, not the actual full pathname. So if I've forgotten default install behavior, I go to install / upgrade to <parent folder name>\PortableApps, and PA installer will install to <parent folder name>\PortableApps\PortableApps

My Medicat install partition is H:\ and upgrader detects that, however the primary one that I use on my system is in D:\Tools\PortableApps I'm guessing the detection error is either related to finding H:\ and not probing further, or because I have a symlink C:\Tools pointing to D:\Tools and perhaps the installer doesn't follow symlinks correctly.

It's easy enough to fix afterwards, but I was wondering if you could perhaps the installation location message could be a little more clear when you go to install / upgrade PortableApps, for example, instead of:

"Setup will install Platform in the following folder. (Ok, does it mean the contents of PortableApps or the root PortableApps folder?) To install in a different folder, click Browse and select another folder. Click Next to continue."

It could say:

"Setup will install the Platform folder to the following location. To install in a different folder, please select the destination location that you wish the main PortableApps folder to reside in. If you are upgrading an existing PortableApps install, select its parent folder."

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Upgrade Handling, etc

Most people will allow the platform to upgrade itself using the built-in updater. That's the best way to upgrade the platform.

If you download it yourself, you can run it via the platform using the Apps - Install a New App (.paf.exe) option. That will tell the installer the correct path to use automatically.

The installer itself only checks root paths for an install, just like app installers do. It won't detect something deeper in a non-standard install location.

It's assumed someone selecting a custom path knows where they are installing to. I've been debating adding a little logic to detect a situation like yours and switching paths automatically, though, as it has happened a couple times.

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