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TB Signatures in TB Portable

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TB Signatures in TB Portable

I am new to Thunderbird Portable, so this is probably a lame question!

In the full version I was able to create a .html file with my personalized signature. My .html file contains a .jpeg. I can't seem to get it to appear when I use TB Portable? Am I missing a step?

Also, I am having trouble subscribing to a newsgroup via TB Portable? Is there a trick to that too?


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Perhaps when you connect

Perhaps when you connect your device to another computer its drive letter changes and the signature (or the jpeg) cannot be found at the previous location. Check if your image path is relative in the html and if you have problem with changing drive letters you can solve this using Signature Switch plugin to TBP and setting signature path to %ProfD%/signature.html or so and placing signature html into your TPB profile dir.

Hope this helps,

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