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GoogleChromeLegacyWin7 ---- Failed install

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GoogleChromeLegacyWin7 ---- Failed install


Win 7 chrome user. I know I have to get off this OS/Browser but my system has failed multiple attempts at upgrading to win 10. Eventually I'll get "round to it" upgrading to win 10 or at least converting over to firefox but for now this is how I ride.

After like a trouble free decade with portable apps a few days ago my chrome update failed throwing up an error (sorry did not record).

Rebooted and after that could no longer launch google chrome from the portable apps menu. Click on it and nothing happens. No splash screen no chrome processes listed in the process manager nothing.

Looking at my portable apps directory I now have two chrome folders. GoogleChrome and GoogleChromeLegacyWin7.

The portable apps launcher is pointing at the first, I assume my old google chrome installation.

I launched the chrome in GoogleChromeLegacyWin7 from the windows file manager and it launches but a bunch of stuff is dorked up. While passwords are remembered I'm logged out of everything and most web sites see it as a new machine/browser triggering 2 factor authentication for just about everything important.

So not a total disaster but I'd like to get back to launching google chrome from the portable apps launcher.

Question: How do I get the launcher to point at the new legacy win7 install instead of the old install?

Also another asside: I tried doing a fresh install of portable apps (thinking I would copy over my profile) and when installing from the launcher under internet apps there are two google chromes listed. I assume one is the win7 legacy but there is nothing in the description or title to differentiate the two google chromes. Both have the same exact names, description and file size.

Thanks for any help and if not, thanks for the great app system!

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Both In Menu

Both should appear in the PA.c Platform's menu. I've confirmed that they do in a standard install. Refresh your menu to ensure both are appearing. Check for hidden icons or if one is in the category Internet vs one Favorited. The legacy one is your old install renamed to a new directory. Chrome, in its infinite wisdom, interprets a directory change as a new install it seems. Your full profile is within that directory just as it was.

There was a bug causing both to appear with the same name in the platform. It's been fixed.

If you'd like you can restore your old version and refrain from updating it if you'd like to keep 2FA stuff intact. This is likely the only way to do this due to purposeful limitations coded into Chrome itself.

I would suggest upgrading to Firefox ASAP. If you're using things important enough for 2FA, using an unsupported browser with unpatched security vulnerabilities would be a bad idea.

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