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problem installing POO

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William Brown
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problem installing POO

When I try to install the download that I got from this site I get the following error message "Windows can not open this file. Windows needs to know what program created this file" I tried deleting the download and re-downloading it in case the download was corrupt. I downloaded to my U3 portable thumb drive and am trying to install from there. Any Ideas?


Tim Clark
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If this is the OpenOffice for U3 you need to open the .u3p file from the launchpad. Click add programs and choose from hard drive. Windows does not know what to do with a .u3p file, the launchpad does.

If this is not the U3 version I don't know what's happening.


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I'm having the same problem

I'm having the same problem with OO U3 from the U3 site (can't find it here), although the U3 drive itself generated the error. I tried the suggestion above with the same error message. Tried it 4 times so far!

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Get them

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