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Registering a portable app in Vista

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Registering a portable app in Vista

Like a lot of folks, despite official disapproval, I run portable apps, including Firefox and Thunderbird, from my hard drive. Mainly because I like the control of where the data goes and ease of backup.

Recently my computer died and the replacement is running Vista. And Vista has been refusing to let me designate Firefox as the default browser. I finally found a note that says a program must be registered before Vista will allow it to be assigned as default.

Does anyone know what the minimal entry into the registry would be to get Vista to recognize my programs?

Oddly, it recognizes my Thunderbird Portable. Hmm, maybe I should go search for that entry.


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You can't

With XP, I don't know about Vista.

You might try this: DefaultMyFFP
I have no idea if it works on Vista.
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I don't think so, but I'd love to find out why.
Unfortunately, John hasn't tested it on Vista for me yet *hint hint* Biggrin
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I'm happy to see I'm not the

I'm happy to see I'm not the only one interested in this feature

Please guys, I _really_ need this feature Sad

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