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Check updates at exit?

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Check updates at exit?

Hi folks, I'm a long term user and I saw how the platform grow and became more and more usefull and fun.
I have a request for the new version, A checkbox in options that enables the window of update apps to not be loaded when the app starts, but it is loaded when close the app.
Why? Much of us use portable apps in case of system problems, virus, hardware problems, etc, in 3rd party PCs and when we open the app, we need to use the apps to solve a problem, in that scenery we hasn't time for update apps (less if the app to update is another than needed), but once the fire is extinguished, more relaxed, finally we close the app and in that moment we can choose to update. Think it, it's a win-win option, we can choose to update, but if we choose not to update because we had to go home, last thing you will remember of the work done is to update your apps, so you come home and update the apps, has more chance to remember update if the message was shown last thing you do, that if it's show at the beginning, may be we can work hours to repair a pc.
I´m not saying you change the way it works, just to add a checkbox to let anyone choose, will be people like the idea and people doesn't.
Anyway your platform is great! Well Done!