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excessive disk activity and memory usage with chrome

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excessive disk activity and memory usage with chrome

Recently since an update to Chrome for your portable app program, my HD activity has become so bad that I think the computer has or is going to crash. The disk activity is 98 to 100% continually. I check this through task manager. I see there are 26 incidences of chrome open and all are busy. The same issue affects the system's memory. It occupies as much as 59% of 16 gig RAM. I think I was getting better numbers with the real chrome with a relocated cache. I think there would only be 2 incidences of Chrome working in the task manager. What is going on here? I like the fact that the cache is removed when chrome is closed but I wonder about the stress on my hard drive continuously clattering.

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Excessive HDD activity means that your PC is using it as an alternative (virtual) memory.
This may happen for weak computers or when your local Chrome is baking too much dough.
It may look like an old installation and/or too many opened tabs, something working on the background, etc.
The best way is to create a new copy of your portable version.

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