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Portable Brave profile not portable

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Portable Brave profile not portable

Hi Cry

I tried Brave browser and found out it's more optimized to hold more tabs open at once than Chrome is.
Having use it for a while in D:\Apps\PortableApps\brave-portable, I had Bookmarks and Extensions all perfect and configured.

Yesterday I had to reinstall Win11, and the thumbdrive with PortableApps remains as D:\.
.......... but ALL IS LOST!
Apparently Portable Brave browser saves the profile on the OS drive / user directory, instead of in the drive / dir the app is run on.

For instance, Portable Google Chrome saves a profile in:
D:\Apps\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortable\Data\profile\Profile 1

I haven't deleted anything yet.
But I've tried to open all 3 *.exe in brave-portable folder to see if any of the executables saved the day... but all show up clean.
Also, I've been browsing the folders and none seem to be holding a profile, no Bookmark file, nothing.
The D:\Apps\PortableApps\brave-portable\data has a DEFAULT directory but Extensions are empty, the Bookmarks file is 0 KB but somehow that directory still is 249MB big.

Am I missing anything or doing anything wrong?

If Brave Portable can't keep a portable profile, I guess I'll have to return to Portable Chrome (since Portable Firefox is recently incompatible with

Thanks for any help in advance...

Ken Herbert
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Chromium browsers are not very portable (by design)

Pretty much all Chromium-based browsers suffer from bad portability - including Chrome, Brave, Edge, and many others. This is by Google's design, and there isn't much we can do to change it.

The only way to make a lot of these browser's data portable is to sign the portable browser into a Google account, which will then sync the settings. But considering Brave have disconnected a lot of their stuff from Google's inbuilt services signing into a Google account on Brave won't even help - you would have to set up Brave Sync. I do use Brave Sync but not in a portable capacity, so I can't really comment on if it works adequately for portable installations or not.

The horrible portability issues are one of the reasons we don't plan to officially release any more Chromium-based browsers, until one of them steps up and improves portability (which honestly may ever happen).

John T. Haller
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No Official Brave Portable

We don't make a portable version of Brave. Brave has no official portable version. There are some 3rd parties illegally packaging it.

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