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issue on 2000

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issue on 2000

Hi first portable Ooo is great it allow me to do work where I could not in the pas.

1-I have some issue with the way it terminate at closure, this happen a lot on win 2000 machine , i beleve it is besause of the write caching being enable on those at work witch I can not do anything about. I would come back and re-start Ooo ant the user preference in it where not save properly at closure before I eject the drive.So it is corrupt and or want to do a recovery and some times does not start at all anymore. I delete the user files and some time it work and some time it does not and I have to re-copy over the installation folder. Is ther any way to force Ooo to close more quickly it is process at closure or to have a positive feed back that it did it?

2-How come some plug in are available to insert when doing let say a html doc like .swf at home on my xp and not at all on the 2000 at work?