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Blender install reset without warning

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Blender install reset without warning

Blender 3.5 PortableApps
Windows 11
Installed on a Sandisk Extreme Pro 4GB

This morning I launched PortableApps and started Blender and the Blender install appears to be reset. Previous settings and add-ons are all gone. No issues like this for over 8 months of use. Is their any sort of log to review to see possible malfunctions?

John T. Haller
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Blender Portable points Blender to your Data directory for all settings using environment variables and never moves them itself. So as long as you're only running BlenderPortable.exe (and not accidentally associating blender.exe with files and running it that way), the only reason that this would likely happen is if drive/file corruption occurred. To fix, restore from a recent backup.

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