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It's annoying how if I have OBS open (what if I am recording a video and have it on pause and don't want to exit the application as it will stop my recording) and I accidentally open up PortableApps program, then PortableApps keeps displaying a popup window telling me that OBS needs to be closed. If I click Cancel or OK without actually closing OBS first, the popup window just keeps reappearing. I can't right click on the PortableApps system tray icon to exit the program, because the popup window keeps getting in the way. The only way that I can make it stop is to close OBS, which I don't want to do. Or I suppose I could maybe open up the Task Manager and then kill the PortableApps program exe that way. But it just seems weird that this is happening in the first place. The popup window telling me to close OBS first should only occur if I actually try to update anything. But the popup widow will dominate the screen even if I'm not trying to update anything and even though I just want to close the PortableApps program.

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Close On Exit

This is happening when you try to close the Platform, not open it, as you have Close Apps on Exit turned on. Click Options, select the Advanced tab, uncheck Close Apps on Exit on the left, then click OK.

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