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Portable Web Apps and Windows Firewall

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Portable Web Apps and Windows Firewall

Does anyone know why portable web applications fail to resolve the web at all when Windows firewall is set to default block policy, despite app allows in firewall rules?

Having given web apps like Firefox wide allows in firewall, setting default policy to block instantly fails them.
I have also tried forcing Firefox to use local wireless network DNS with continued failure. Windows native applications do not fail in this way, and I cannot understand why.

I have also tried web apps under VPN proxy with firewall set to default block, with same result. Altering local Firefox configuration, any, including auto-detect or attempting manual values does not work.

Neither did attempting to enter VPN settings manually in Windows settings. As it happens, with default firewall policy set to block and a VPN operating, native Windows web apps and commands fail too :/

I assume development must have some insight here. Mozilla guidelines, for Mozilla apps only, offer no insight. When a proxy is absent, portable web apps still fail IF default policy is block, despite plentiful allow rules. I just have no idea why.

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With Firefox Portable, for example, are you allowing firefox.exe within FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox64 (assuming you're using Windows 64-bit)?

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