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Portable Firefox Went Corrupt on My Flash Drive

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Portable Firefox Went Corrupt on My Flash Drive

i installed PF from this website onto my flash drive back on wednesday and ever since then the whole folder went corrupt. i cant access any of the other files on my flash drive, which sucks as i need the papers on it for school. any help on how to get rid the corrupt files would be a great help, thanks.

John T. Haller
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Pulled while writing?

The usual culprit is pulling the drive while it is writing. In that case, it isn't PFF that is corrupt, it is the file structure on the drive. You can usually recover this by right-clicking on the drive in Explorer and selecting Properties. Selecte the TOOLS tab and then click Check Now within the Error-Checking section. In the popup, check off automatically fix file system errors and then click Start. That can usually fix the logical errors.

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Recover files

I have had a similar problem and used one of the file recovery programs. Most importantly do not try and use your flash drive until you have tried to recover the lost data. I used a prog called Restoration which I had found on Portablefreeware site. It worked for me, not all files were recovered but it saved most of them. You will need to run Restoration from your main system hard drive.
Maybe what John has suggested has sorted your problem but if not try a file recovery prog.
Good Luck

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Yep. I've been running my

Yep. I've been running my copy with mods on a pretty old flash drive, of course, I was trying to see how long it took to wear out. About two years, give or take a couple months.

Things to remember about flash drives:
- Don't remove until the computer says it's okay.
- Make backups.
- Don't leave it in the slot.

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Steve Lamerton
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I think that the next

I think that the next program that I'll write (sfter the currant two) we be a simple backup utility. Any one interested?

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Microsoft would be a good alternative with their powertoy called Sync. I had the unfortunate priveledge if you'd call it that to have my thumb drive turn to mush (got corrupt), but luckily enough I'd backed it up with Sync, and didn't lose anything.

Perhaps something else, something new, I'm sure would be great. Variety is a good thing. Hope to see something in the works.

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