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Plus42 - Enhanced HP programmable financial and scientific calculator

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Plus42 - Enhanced HP programmable financial and scientific calculator

Plus42 is an advanced scientific programmable calculator.
It's a complete re-implementation of the:
- HP-17B and HP-19B financial calculator
- HP-27S scientific calculator
- HP-42S scientific programmable RPN calculator
This software contains no HP code whatsoever.

Larger Display, with 8 rows and 22 columns (131x64 pixels) by default, which the user may resize at will
Algebraic Expressions modeled after those used on the HP-27S and HP-17B/19B
• attached Units and unit conversions modeled after those used on the HP-48/49/50 series
Directories for more organized storage of programs and variables
TVM (Time Value of Money) and amortization tables
• two-dimensional Plotting of functions, with ability to zoom and pan and find integrals and roots from points in the plot.

This project is Open Source (GNU General Public License, version 2.) and it's developed for:
• Android
• iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
• Windows
• MacOS
• Linux

Links and other info:
• Project page:
• download:
• GitHub source code:
• author: Thomas Okken
• author contact:
• current release: 1.0.19
• this program is 32-bit only
• history:
• kyboard mapping: see inside file README.txt
• additional downloads: Skins and HP-42S/Free42/Plus42 programs
• Tutorial: see Documentation inside

Special requirements:
• Windows version requires Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable.
(you can find these DLL inside LibreOffice x86 Portable build)

About portability:
Please read the file README.txt:
--> create a folder "Plus42" (or other name)
--> at first run the program create these additional files: state.bin, print.bin and keymat.txt.
By default, these additional files will be stored in %APPDATA%\Plus42, which is typically C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Plus42.
If you want to run Plus42 from a removable drive, like a USB stick, and keep the state.bin, print.bin, and keymap.txt file with Plus42 on that drive, create an (empty) file named "portable" in the same directory as Plus42Decimal.exe or Plus42Binary.exe

HP calculators manuals:
A) Financial calculators
B) Scientific calculators
HP-42S Owner Manual:
HP-42S Programmins Examples & Techniques: