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Online Virtual Desktop

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Online Virtual Desktop

from mashable: is the Latest Virtual Desktop is a virtual computer service that has recreated the desktop in your browser window.

With, you can do pretty much anything you can do on your computer’s desktop, from document management to playing games. The service is obviously great for people that travel a lot, or students that frequently use community computers. Of all the virtual computer services I’ve seen, this one is among the ones that look and feel the most like a computer desktop. is still a work in progress, in their very early beta, so it can be a bit slow at times. But has some potential.

With the upcoming wave of desktop widgets, I think would be a great match for the gadgets we’ll soon be adding to the desktops of our personal computers. A service like can combine the usefulness of a desktop widget with mobility, as the virtual computer can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Of course, would benefit itself from some offline functionality.

Their browser windows are lacking the features we’ve grown accustomed to with IE and Firefox, such as a back button, but it is still early. Overall, we’re seeing more and more products emerging that are aiming to replace the use of Microsoft Windows as we know it, and is definitely one of those companies looking to eliminate the need for Windows software.


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So it's sort of like...

... YouOS?

Rick Smith // Paladin225

Rick Smith // Paladin225

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