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KQ (console-style RPG)

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KQ (console-style RPG)

KQ is a "console-style role playing game," according to the website, which I just discovered in Ubuntu's Add/Remove programs. It's crossplatform, and I believe these are the two things that need taking care of:

  • The "working directory" has to be passed to the executable, so it knows where to find data. To get it to run after you install it, you have to modify the launcher shortcut so that the "Start in" field points to the folder the executable is in; if you don't, it squawks and claims that a required file doesn't exist.
  • The saved games and settings are stored in %APPDATA% (I believe the folder is "KQ", but it may be prefixed by a period).

It's an interesting game, and you can see some screenshots here. Sound isn't required to understand what's happening in the game, and it's perfectly playable without it; also, I'd recommend setting the game to be in "windowed mode" as a default, so that it doesn't bork other people's screens when going into fullscreen mode.

Any thoughts?

Edit: Forgot to add license information. It's open-source, obviously (it's on SourceForge and in the Ubuntu repos), but specifically it's the GNU General Public License.

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