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Firefox and Win 7

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endell esq
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Firefox and Win 7

Hope you can help, I'm starting to get a bit confused.

I gather that FF115 is the last FF to run on Win 7.

First, what's the difference between the ESR portable edition and the portable legacy edition (latest 115.0.1), also, looking at the portable FF nightly, I notice that on your download details FF 117 and 118 portable it says that these will run on Win 7?


John T. Haller
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Extended Support Release (ESR) = Security Updates and Bug Fixes

Firefox ESR is an extended support channel of a specific version of Firefox which only gets security updates and bug fixes. It doesn't get new features or functionality. So, Firefox 116.0 has both security updates and bug fixes from 115.0.3 and new features and functionality. Firefox ESR 115.1.0 only gets security updates and bug fixes from 115.0.3.

Beta, Developer and Nightly require Windows 10/11 as of each of their 116.x releases. I've updated the pages on the site here to reflect that.

Firefox 115 is the last version of Firefox for Windows 7/8/8.1 and will be supported through Sept 2024. I've built a special Legacy 115 build of Firefox Portable that is currently mirroring to download servers that will be available for Windows 7/8/8.1 users. As users upgrade Firefox Portable Stable to 116.0, if they are running on one of these legacy platforms, a FirefoxPortableLegacy115 copy will be automatically created alongside their FirefoxPortable copy so they can continue using it. This release will be happening shortly.

UPDATE: Legacy 115 has been released:

UPDATE: Firefox Portable 116.0 has been released. It will automatically handle updates and launches for legacy Windows users as described in this comment.

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