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Request to Add Pomotroid to Portableapps

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Request to Add Pomotroid to Portableapps

I would like to propose the addition of Pomotroid, a fantastic open-source pomodoro timer, to the list of Portableapps.

Pomotroid is a visually-pleasing and highly customizable pomodoro timer that has gained popularity, currently boasting an impressive 3.6k stars on GitHub ( What's even better is that it already includes a portable version, simplifying the process of adding it to the list.

The software has proven to be stable and reliable, with its latest update dating back to 2021, requiring very little maintenance and updates once added to Portableapps. So, I kindly request the community to consider this proposal and evaluate the suitability of Pomotroid for inclusion in the esteemed list of Portableapps.

Thank you for your attention and support.

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NO! it is NOT "portable"!

.. not as thinking of "leave no traces": the "pomotroid-0.13.0-portable.exe" creates
1. a "Pomotroid.exe" in %appdata%\local\temp\'asdfxyz'-subdir on every call,
2. a "%appdata%\Roaming\pomotroid\logs\pomotroid-error.log"
3. dozens of REGISTRY entries
4. and W/O giving notice hooks in some keyboard shortcuts

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