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VMMap is not valid problem

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VMMap is not valid problem

There was this warning when I tried to update VMMap therefore I downloaded the package from here and tried to install manually but the result is same.
I downloaded the latest version VMMap v3.33 from and changed manually. It worked like that but the updater alert me there is new update v3.32.

So I uninstalled the VMMap and try to reinstall online and manually but there is still this app not valid problem. Now I cannot install it.

How can I fix this problem?

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The downloaded copy of VMMap is not valid, cannot be installed

My problem with installing, is not with any other app, only VMMap is a similar problem as Teom@n writes, i.e., yellow alert reads as follows:
"The downloaded copy of VMMap is not valid and can not be installed." Thank you Teom@n for the answer. I only had to update my Sysinternals Suite folder to Microsoft Sysinternals Suite 26.07.2023, in which it contains VMMap.

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Online Installers

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Update Coming

This happens when the publisher releases a new version before I can verify its authenticity and release a new online installer. Things are a bit delayed due to family health issues at present.

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About update

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