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Why not frozen bubble

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Why not frozen bubble

Im' italian, but, why not frozen bubble
is my favourite game.
I'd like find this game for portableapps

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Search first

Someone once did one but I think its not fully portable.
It is here.
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...FB portable IS available on the net somewhere, as I've already DLed and played it.

The problem is, it's only version 1, and the game itself is now up to v2.0 or beyond.

Ergo, the correct question is
"Why not FB version 2x?"...

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Frozen Bubble 2.2.1beta1 via CPAN now portable

Due to the work of Kartik Thakore, Strawberry perl, and other perl people, I was easily able to make Frozen Bubble portable for Microsoft Windows.
I posted instructions.
I am not familiar with enough, nor motivated enough, to package it up into the framework, but it should now be doable.
Also, the installation is 399 MB (95 MB compressed), but should be significantly shrinkable with trimming of downloaded installation files.


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.... specific directory qualifications

updated July, 26, 2012

from Strawberry Perl readme has a certain directory requirement...
"choose a directory name without spaces and non us-ascii characters"

*I actually had to put it in a path without spaces...

I thought you could point it to the user documents folder by default since Program Files direcory in windows has a space and would make the program not work. you might also want a warning for the end user.

They can change program switches in the frozen bubble batch file in
perl/site/bin after unchecking the read-only attribute and changing it back when done if you want.

Windowed Mode:
You can also add --no-fullscreen with a space to the frozen-bubble at the end of the file in fb.bat to use windowed mode if fullscreen doesn't work well for you.

Frozen Bubble Strawberry Pearl

Works but is beta and has bugs....
Compressing it with 7z format I got it approx. 97 MB

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