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115.2.3 available today

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115.2.3 available today

115.2.3 became available this afternoon. If you have automatic updates turned off, you'll have to Check for Updates and accept the update (if desired). I see no problems in it, and the release notes report some very good fixes. If you have the Portable Apps app, you'll get 115.2.3.

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Thanks team for the update!

Thanks team for the update!
Nonetheless, there is an error: Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition cannot be started. You may wish to re-install to fix the issue. (ERROR: thunderbird.exe could not be found)

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The file is corrupted and

The file is corrupted and cannot be installed.
Please, re-upload it.

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Please see details on the updated build here:

Please note that in the future there's no need to announce versions in the forums. Please just let us know in the Outdated Apps Thread if it isn't already listed as being worked on.

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