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Impress Portable: Sizable math files won't load/play

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Impress Portable: Sizable math files won't load/play

I have a set of several Impress files, heavy on math formulas/images, a little larger (~2M) than I normally use. The content was initially from the Pearson textbook publisher, in Powerpoint format, converted to Impress. These files work fine in my current version of Libre Office (7.6), but they fail in Portable Libre Office (7.6).

- At full size, the files fail to load in Libre Office Portable. (*)
- If I split the files into about half-size sections, then they all load, but crash Libre Office Portable at some variable point into playing the slideshow.
- If I split the files into about quarter-size components, then they all load and play through all of the content successfully.

A sample of one of these files, sequentially split up, can be seen here --

(*) In the full-size case, the application fails to load the file with the error, "Read Error. Format error discovered in the file in sub-document content.xml at position 398, 2811 (row, col)." Other cases do not display any error messages.

Note that I've converted other Pearson Powerpoint lecture slides to Impress numerous times in the past, and never had a problem like this in either desktop Libre Office nor the PortableApps version.

This is creating a major workflow speed bump as I prepare for the college courses I teach. Hoping this bug can be fixed soon?

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Crashes 32-bit LibreOffice

That file causes 32-bit LibreOffice itself to crash. LibreOffice 64-bit 7.6.1/7.6.2 can open that file. LibreOffice 32-bit 7.6.1/7.6.2 fails with the error you see. We don't currently offer the 64-bit version of LibreOffice as a portable app. You can use the installed version as a workaround.

As this is a bug with LibreOffice itself, you'll need to report it to the publisher.

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