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Palm LifeDrive

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Anonymous (not verified)
Palm LifeDrive

Will these apps run on the Palm LifeDrive?

T1ny (not verified)
Yes... If you set your

Yes... If you set your lifedrive to "Drive Mode" before plugging into the USB port, you can use it to access these apps. The problem is the lifedrive's HDD is sooooooooo slow.

I was using it as even with all my documents I still have 3.5GB free, but it was just so slow I gave up and bought a USB flash drive just for hauling around the apps / data I need on multiple computers. Attached it to my keychain.

So yes they will work, but it's so slow as to be almost unusable. (IMO anyway)

KGR (not verified)
Palm again

I guess I'm missing something. I was wondering if I could use apps such as "Portable Thunderbird" on a Palm directly without a computer attached. I'm thinking I don't understand how these apps work or what they actually do.

T1ny (not verified)
No these are windows

No these are windows programs that are designed to run from a portable drive such as a USB flash drive.

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