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App Request

Hi, I would like to make my app portable & add it to your list?

MouseJiggle, is as far as I know 1 of the best mouse jiggler apps. It keeps your screens awake & supports 13 different Teams alternatives and keeps them active & awake(This includes Teams web & desktop & Outlook)

Keeps Screens, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Skype, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Discord, Chanty, Spike, Rocket.Chat, Mattermost, Lark, Pumble, Meta Workplace & Slack Desktop active & awake

It is signed with an EV Code signing cert and certified Virus free on VirusTotal. It does not run on VM’s as they tend to abuse the free trials.

It is a .Net taskbar app with no adds & very easy to use & out of the way.

Pls. have a look and let me know?

The url for this mouse jiggler is or mouse jiggler

Kind Regards


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Since it is a paid app you

Since it is a paid app you would need to get in touch with John directly to discuss. You can find the email address on our contact page.

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