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Thunderbird Portable | Moving profile/settings from Loca

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Thunderbird Portable | Moving profile/settings from Loca

I am moving to Portable Apps since I need to keep switching from box to box and hate it when I dont see my web and my email like I see them on my lappie.
So moving to Thunderbird Portable and Firefox Portable.

After installing Thunderbird Portable onto my Thumbie (2GB Lexar), I would, obviously, need to move my settings/profile from the Local install to the Thumbie.

Would it be easiest to use MozBackup, instead of faffing around with the specific folders and files in the profile directory?

Hope someone can help on this!

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TB Portable

I personally use TB2 on my PC at home and then I have TB2 Portable on a USB Flash drive so I can take it to work and have access to everything there. I thought about running entirely from the USB flash drive so I used Portable, even at home, but I like the speed and fact that I always have a backup since it is on my home PC and USB drive...

Anyway, as for moving things, you have some choices. I bought Migo Software's sync program, but I am going to ditch that in favor of Toucan (the new name for PUSS) once it is released here (soon I think).

It was easy for me to set up. Once TB was working on my PC, I made sure the app was in Program Files and I set a directory under My Docs for my profile. Then I got TB Portable running on the USB drive, did a sync to copy the profile and mail stuff over, then edited \PortableApps\ThunderbirdPortable\ThunderbirdPortable.ini and set ProfileDirectory to the relative path to my profile, such as:


Fired up TB Portable and everything works great. I just remember to sync before going to work and when I get home.

As I said, If I didn't want to sync, I could just run TBP off the USB drive all of the time, but this way if anything ever happens to my PC or USB, I know I always have a backup. Smile


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