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any chance please start using powershell to update

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any chance please start using powershell to update

I don't know if anyone can do a script so either just run it in the USB and it will just download all through powershell It may be a bit quicker as well then the on the board software for updates

John T. Haller
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It Won't

It won't be quicker. The limiting factor is the bandwidth of your local SourceForge mirror in most cases for the open source apps. I tried running it all through our download server and it resulted in slowdowns during peak times (like a new Firefox release). I'll need to bring more download servers online to handle it but funds do not permit it.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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1st things 1st!

1st things 1st!
*** all the best wishes for 2024! ***
*** may there be peace and joy ***

If I may leave a suggestion - why not use torrents?
(or is that a stupid question?)

Ken Herbert
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Sourceforge allows us to host

Sourceforge allows us to host all of our open source apps for free, so only our freeware apps need paid hosting.

Torrents need dedicated hosting for initial seeding, and we would still need to keep hosting each file as a fallback for if/when there are no users seeding, otherwise we run the risk of users not receiving critical security updates because nobody is seeding at the time. So we would have to pay to host all of our apps instead of just a fraction of them. Converting the Platform to be torrent based would also require a huge changeover effort.

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