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FF 115.3.1 ESR not updating

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FF 115.3.1 ESR not updating


When I click on Help and then About Firefox I see the message 'Checking for updates' and then I get 'Failed to check for updates'

I have manually installed FF 115.3.1 and know 115.4.0 is available. Using Win10 and FireFox is on a portable USB stick

Here are the Enterprise Policies.

Policy Name Policy Value
AppUpdateURL ""
DisablePasswordReveal true
DisableProfileRefresh true
DisableSystemAddonUpdate true
ExtensionUpdate true

What am I missing?


John T. Haller
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Firefox Updater Server

You'd likely need to whitelist Firefox's update server. We don't administer or support Firefox updating itself. I just build stuff around it to make it as portable as possible.

The best thing to do to update is via the PA.c Platform. The second best would be to manually install the new version over itself.

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