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Thunderbird multiple instance running

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Thunderbird multiple instance running

Dear Developer,

I am trying to open Portable Thunderbird, but I am receiving an error message that says "Thunderbird is already running, because i have already thunderbird installed in my PC and i am using." I have tried several solutions, but none of them have worked. I am hoping you can help me resolve this issue.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

John T. Haller
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By Design, AllowMultipleInstances

This is by design as the portable one needs to temporarily make local changes. If you want to run them side by side, you can enable AllowMultipleInstances by copying the file ThunderbirdPortable\Other\Source\ThunderbirdPortable.ini to ThunderbirdPortable\ThunderbirdPortable.ini and editing the entry AllowMultipleInstances=false to read AllowMultipleInstances=true and then save. Note that it will not be fully portable and will leave some things behind on the local machine when run in this configuration.

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